Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend Photos from Hollywood

On Saturday I went to another Hollywood Collector's Show. Here are a few people I met. Above is Leonard Stone, who starred as Mr. Beauregarde in one of my favorite movies, "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory". In the film, his gum chewing daughter Violet turns into a big blueberry. "Violet, you're turning Violet, Violet".
Leonard with Mr. Willy Wonka, Gene Wilder.

Actress Kathy Najimy, who starred as a nun in "Sister Act" and as one of the Sanderson sisters in "Hocus Pocus". She's also done voice over work for "King of the Hill" and "Wall-E".

This is old time Disney star, Tommy Kirk. He starred in a string of Disney Classics such as "The Hardy Boys", "Old Yeller", "The Shaggy Dog", "Swiss Family Robinson", "The Absent-Minded Professor", "Son of Flubber", "Babes in Toyland", "The Misadventures of Merlin Jones" and "The Monkey's Uncle".
Here's Tommy with fellow Disney Star, Annette Funicello. Here's character actress Edie McClurg. Her first movie was "Carrie" where she starred as Helen Shyres. She's gone on to do tons of film and television roles. Her voice over work includes "The Little Mermaid", "A Bugs Life", and "Cars".

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Forest Lawn- Hollywood Hills

This weekend I went to Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills to do a little celebrity grave hunting.
The front of the cemetery is currently lined with news station trucks and satellites. Michael Jackson's body is being held here until his funeral on Tuesday. The news crews have been set up out front since last Wednesday.
The King of Pop and the Claymation Michael.
A private family funeral will be held here at 8 AM Tuesday morning, followed by a procession to the Staples Center in Downtown LA.
Inside I found the grave of Roy O. Disney, brother of Walt. Roy was in charge of the financial side of the Disney Studios, allowing Walt to focus on the creative.
Next to Roy is his wife, Edna.
After Walt died in 1966, Roy continued on with the plans to build Walt Disney World in Florida. The park opened in 1971, and Roy died shortly there after.
This statue of Roy and Edna can be seen at the Providence St. Joseph Medical Center, right across the street from the Disney Studios in Burbank. This also happens to be the hospital where Walt passed away. In 2003, actor John Ritter died here. He was filming "8 Simple Rules" at the Disney Studios when he collapsed and was rushed across the street.

The tomb of Bette Davis.

Piano player Liberace.
James Bond and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang producer Albert Broccoli.
Actor and Director Charles Laughton. He was married to the Bride of Frankenstein, Elsa Lanchester.
Actors Freddie Prinze and George Raft are side by side.

Woody Woodpecker creator Walter Lantz.

Actor Strother Martin from "Cool Hand Luke".
Animator Tex Avery

The great stone face, Buster Keaton.

Stan Laurel of "Laurel and Hardy" fame. The marker for Stan's wife is in front of the wall.

The television family, Ozzie and Harriet.
Their son, Ricky Nelson is two rows up.
His marker reads Eric Nelson.

Forest Lawn is very uptight. They refuse to give out information on the location of star graves. If you're caught with a book telling you where they are, they may take it from you or ask you to leave. The Hollywood Forever Cemetery is much friendlier to Celebrity grave hunters.