Sunday, June 20, 2010

Walt Disney's "Pollyanna" Then & Now

I'm a huge fan of not only Disney Animation, but the Disney live action films from the 50's and 60's. One of my favorites is 1960's "Pollyanna" starring Hayley Mills and Jane Wyman. I was up in the bay area last month, so I decided to visit Santa Rosa and St. Helena to find a few of the filming sites. This is the Bale Grist Mill near St. Helena. The mill, built in the 1800's, was seen in the opening credits of the film. This area was beautiful.
They give milling demonstrations on the weekends.
The St. Helena train depot. This is where they shot the film's opening and closing scenes.
The building is now used as offices for various businesses.

Hayley Mills as Pollyanna arrives to town.

This is a publicity photo of Walt Disney taken at the station.
This is the Mableton Mansion in Santa Rosa. It was used for all the exterior shots of Aunt Polly's house. The top floors of the house were painted in by Disney matte artist Peter Ellenshaw.
The house is currently being renovated and restored.

The towns people coming by the house for a meeting.
The top shot is another matte painting by Peter Ellenshaw, combined with live action footage of Aunt Polly with the Reverend.

Hayley and Jane Wyman.

Here I am with Nancy Olson, who played Nancy in the film.
And Pollyanna herself, Hayley Mills! Hayley received a special Oscar for this performance.


Eric Deuel said...

Fabulous Post Kevin!
Can I borrow Pollyanna?

Kevin MacLean said...

Sure. It's a great film!

Lauren Brach said...

Nancy Olson looks so beautiful. She'll be in El Paso tonight for the Plaza Film Festival. Nick Clooney will be interviewing her after "Sunset Boulevard" is screened. I can't wait. Gr8 blog!

Kevin MacLean said...

Sounds like fun! Wish I was there.

Jola Depoe said...

I love the movie and everything Hayley Mills. I just bought the movie in San Francisco and am about to watch it with my daughter.

Thank you for researching and sharing what you found. It will make the movie even more interesting to watch!

Anonymous said...

about 12 years ago, i was working in San Fran and went to find that house in Santa Rosa-what a thrill! i'm so glad there are others like me who responded to the beauty of that film...i videotaped it 12 years ago before the a bass player friend of mine grew up in that neighborhood and literally 'played' in that house....i'm 60 and i still cry at that movie
thank you for the wonderful photos