Sunday, September 26, 2010

Debbie Reynolds @ The El Portal Theatre

Friday evening I attended the Debbie Reynolds Thalians Benefit concert at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood. The Thalians is a mental health charity Debbie and actress Ruta Lee started over 50 years.
Here I am with Debbie Reynolds. She's most famous for her starring role in the classic, "Singin' in the Rain", with Gene Kelly, below.

Her stage show is a mix of singing, comedy, and impressions.
She imitates Jimmy Stewart, Bettie Davis, Marlene Dietrich, Mae West, Katherine Hepburn, and Barbra Streisand, above.
She has been performing this act since the 1960's.

Here I am with actress Ruta Lee.
George Chakiris, from "West Side Story'', with Debbie.
Actress Anne Jeffries.
Actress Mitzi Gaynor, from "South Pacific".
This is actress Susan Claassen, dressed as famed costume designer Edith Head. She's currently performing a one woman show at the El Portal, called "A Conversation With Edith Head".
Some of Edith's original sketches were on display.
Here's Susan with Joan Rivers.
And here's a shot of Debbie Reynolds with the real Edith Head. That's it for this post!


jriggity said...

adventures in hollywood man!


Peter Keogh said...

Great photos Michael - we actually brought Debbie to Australia 2 years ago to play the Mom in 'Irene' and she was a joy - so camp!I also love your comparisons of 'Pollyanna' then and now - I saw it about twenty times. I'm on Facebook - are you? Peter Keogh

Kevin MacLean said...

Thanks, yes I'm on Facebook. I'll friend you.

Ofelia said...

George from west Side Story!!! How cool! He was pretty hot back then. LOL Still looks great!!!

KITTY said...

Hi again,

I got waylaid but wanted you to know that I sent Debbie your photos which she really liked. I also meant to tell you that my ex-partner but still great friend brought Hayley Mills here to Australia twice - in King & I in which she was magical and Fallen Angels with Juliet Mills. She was the nicest, funniest lady as I'm sure you found out. I typed your name in Facebook but about 100 Mleans came up!! Cheers,